"Make The Girl Dance"

By now, at least 3,000,000 people have seen the "Baby, Baby, Baby" video by the French girl band Make the Girl Dance in which three nude women stride through the streets of Paris singing their latest single with only their song lyrics to keep them "safe for work." In recent days, the video has become the third most watched on the Internet, behind Norway's winning entry in the Eurovision contest and good old Susan Boyle, respectively. It was, of course, inevitable that someone would parody this Internet sensation. Well, the wait is over. Edouardo, Adrien Leduc, and Jean Luc Lapointe present for your viewing, um, pleasure "Les frites de Bruxelles" [The French Fries of Brussels]. While the all-male parody lacks that certain "je ne sais quoi" of the girl band, it does have its charms. We've included both videos, so you can make your own comparative analysis.


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