Bad Paintings Of President Barack Obama

What makes bad art?

I can't define it, as they say, but I know it when I see it.
I'm sure Michelle Obama agrees with me on this.

Obama being held down by Senate in a bad LSD trip?

For the first time in my life I know why someone's mouth would be called a pie hole.

Commemorative plate that will NOT be available from the Franklin Mint.

Obama as a white man.

That darn LSD again. Must be the CIA, AOK.

What we in the art world call a limited pallette.

See, I made the eyes look like camera diaphragms, because I wanted to show how Obama has a picture in his head of our future. Or something like that.

Little devil eyes is up to something. This has to be the sneakiest Obam I have seen. Possibly could actually see use in a concervative publication.

Washington D.C. 1 - America 0

Was this huge chinned Obama painted by Jay Leno of The Tonight Show?

Another white guy Obama.

Oxygen deprived Obama.

Haunted by Lincoln's grubby ghost.

Green with envy? Oh, the windmills, never mind. I'm feeling a little green in the gills myself.

I like this wiseguy homage to the Mafia. Too bad he didn't paint a picture of Barack Obama.

I'm sure the artist thought this strange work would become as famous as the multi-color image so prevelant during Obama's campaign.
It didn't.

I thought at first this was Jimi Hendrix but now I see that it IS Obama as a Native American.

Is that a mysterious third eye symbol indicating wisdom and foresight,
or is it just third eye blindness?

Ewww. That unicorn best watch where he puts that horn!

We know, some of you like it. We don't.

Fun house mirror Obama.

Purple waves of grain? Obama's cousin? Not Obama!

You'll see this thumbs-up pose again. Limited reference material I suppose.

Scarface in the White House. Come here unicorn and let me show you my little friend.

Shane, you get a 'B' for effort. Now go hang it in the closet.

That disembodied thumbs-up hand again. We know, you love the dynamic intensity of this work.
We don't.

We believe, we hope that these artists are musical or good athletes.

Accident at the paint factory.

Hilary and Obama might consider hiring an attorney.

Wow! We like the pretty shade of blue...

Can cartoons be too cartoonish?
Obama, put your teeth back in!

Yikes, what is it with the skin and the unicorn? I guess Obama is tackling the bear market here?
Soon to be replaced by the unicorn market?

Is this supposed to represent a king's crown? I'm sure that will go over well in the U.S.

Hey, he developed one of those sexy Cindy Crawford moles on the side of his nose. HOT!

Gaybama's high school picture.

I wonder if a Mexican artist painted this?
What in the world is up with the floating briefs?
Is it a reference to having the first black president? Great, he's outlawing whitey-tighties!
I'm sure the flag of Mexico on the White House will be more popular than the crown.

What? Another unicorn and naked Obama? Did I miss that meeting?
At least the unicorn had the sense to get dressed.

Michelle gets the pink dolphin treatment.
Smells like 'Tuna of the Sea'.

Pancake Obama! Don't ask, just pass the syrup.

A trend has developed. Actually I think they are all by the same bad artist.

An even worse artist stole the theme just in time for St. Patrick's Day.

Bad color choices, too much going on, third eye Earth, blue veins exposed!
I know, we are wrong and you would love this above the mantle.

P. Diddy-Bama sends you ho's some love.



  1. Luvinlex says

    I've really enyed looking at your collection.. such work looks like much work has put in it. All artist express themselves in different styles. I applaud all their efforts.

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